Ames Safety Solutions LLC

Welcome: Our Objective

At Ames Safety Solutions, LLC our main goal is to keep employees safe and employers profitable by helping to develop, implement, and maintain sound safety practices.   

We use updated information, trainings, and site inspections for CFR 1926  Construction and CFR 1910 General  Industry to help begin or maintain your safety programs.

Our clients include Construction Companies, General Industry Facilities, Municipalities, Lumber Yards, Union Members and Organizations.

Practical knowledge and personal experience is very important when trying to improve to a safer work environment.   Most employees are willing to believe and accept someone who has been in their shoes.  We feel this helps bridge understanding between management and their employees. 

Ames Safety Solutions will be there for our clients when possible during an OSHA Inspection or after an accident.   We will document important information, take pictures, interview, and do whatever we can to make an extremely difficult situation easier on everyone involved.

We offer the unique option to conduct trainings at your convenience, on  your equipment and at your location or jobsite.  This makes required trainings more cost effective and easily available to your employees.   We also personalize training materials to meet the specific needs of each client.

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